The Edge Schools’ Federation

CP Class 1

Hello again Class 1. This is the final week of term and certainly not how we expected it to be! It was nice to see some of you at our Zoom meeting on Friday. Thank you for wearing your hats.

This week in school we have been on a nature walk, created giant letters of the alphabet with natural objects and made paper windmills. In Maths we have been learning about capacity and we have written poetry in English. We hope you have had a fun week too.

On Monday, we will meet the parents and children that are joining Class 1 in September. It will be both very exciting and yet very strange for them as they won’t have had the taster days that you enjoyed when you started in Reception. But we know you will make them feel welcome when you meet them in September.

This week, when not in school, Miss Wilde has been sorting donations again. The pile of bags was a huge this week as it was last! People are obviously continuing to have big sort outs! She has also been walking at Haughmond Hill, but this time they were repairing one of the routes back to the carpark. This meant she had to follow the diversion which turned out to be a very long walk indeed!

Mrs. Whitehead has been cooking again. She and her daughter have been making gingerbread and have also made some rhubarb jam. She now needs to find some time to eat some of it. 

Have a great summer everyone. We really look forward to seeing you again in September. You will receive a communication at some point regarding the specific arrangements. The admin email address will be monitored regularly, though not daily, throughout the holidays, so you are welcome to use that for any queries.

Stay safe

Miss Wilde, Mrs Whitehed Mrs Evans & Mrs Case