The Edge Schools’ Federation

Dear C2,
It was lovely to see you all on zoom last Thursday. Remember our next meeting on 18th June at
10 am, look out for your invitation. This week could you try to learn a small rhyme or poem to read whilst wearing a hat to perform it in?
Here are the activities for this week.
Miss you all,
Love from Mrs Cowper and Miss Burton xx
Week beg 15.06.20
1)You have been stranded on a desert island with only a bottle, a pencil and a piece of paper. Can you write a ‘ message in a bottle’ describing how you got there, what you can see and hear and how you will survive your first night? Use as many adjectives as you can to make your writing interesting.
2) You have landed your dream job as a Lego designer. Your first task is to design and build a brand new Lego theme or structure. It must be eye-catching on the shelf as well as interesting to build! Good Luck!
3) You may have been doing lots of chores to help mum and dad around the house since being off school. Can you make these chores into a comic strip? Are you ‘Superduster Daisy’ or ‘Expertbaker Ewan’?!  What adventure are you tackling today? You can write and illustrate your comic strip, remembering to make it exciting and colourful for the reader.
Keep in touch. Don’t ever feel alone. Feel free to email photos of your home learning activities to me and
Hope to see you all soon
Mrs. Cowper and Miss Burton