The Edge Schools’ Federation



At The Edge SchoolsFederation, we are proud of the excellent attendance rates we achieve year after year and are keen for this to continue, so that our pupils can make the most of their time at primary school.

However, we do know that there may be times where absence from school is unavoidable such as illness or key family events (weddings/funerals etc.).  

Where a child is absence through illness it is imperative that you inform school at the earliest opportunity on the first school day.  If we have not received any notification of absence by 9:15am we will make enquiries to ascertain the whereabouts and well being of the pupil(s) in question.  Where this cannot be done our Attendance Policy   will inform the next steps. 

Some illnesses require a period of absence from school which exceeds the duration of the illness itself, for example - sickness/diarrhea requires an additional 48 hours absence from the last incidence of these symptoms.  This is for infection control to minimise the impact of illness across the school population. More details can be found by clicking on the following link


For any other absences an Application for Leave in Term Time should be completed and submitted to school.  Copies of this form can be downloaded here or from the school office.  Please note that only exceptional circumstances will result in an application being approved.

Church Preen Application for leave form

Brockton Application for Leave form 

Attendance is monitored closely by an Education Welfare Officer who is based at William Brookes School.  Where attendance falls below expected levels or follows unusual patterns these will be investigated.